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A Sixpenny Romance

Celebrating a century of value at Woolworths

Published by 3D and 6D Pictures Ltd., 194pp, ISBN 9780956382702, written by Paul Seaton

About the book

F.W. Woolworth revolutionised retailing around the world. In its heyday the chain was unbeatable, with Main Street stores right across North America. The jewel in its crown was a semi-autonomous subsidiary, which dominated British and Irish High Streets.

'A Sixpenny Romance' charts the rise and fall of a much-loved brand, which still attracted over four million shoppers a week when its collapse became the defining event of the Credit Crunch of 2008.

The lavishly illustrated 194 page book tells the story in words and pictures, from the first Five and Ten Cent Store in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA to the closure of the UK High Street shops in January 2009.

About the Author

Paul Seaton, author of 'A Sixpenny Romance, celebrating a century of value at Woolworths' and the Woolworths Museum

Paul Seaton served the chain for 25 years, working in the stores, Regional Management and at Head Office.

He was the author of the Company's acclaimed Museum website, which he has since enhanced as WoolworthsMuseum.co.uk. The book draws on interviews and personal testimony from senior executives, shopfloor staff and customers, as well as a unique, private archive of source documents and photos.

Paul is a history graduate from the University of Liverpool. He started in the stores and worked his way up. In the latter years he was responsible for the systems used in-store and he ran the company's £80m a year transactional website.

He wrote a chaper for the offical D-Day 60th Anniversary Memorial, and has appeared extensively on BBC Television and Radio. He has appeared 'before the bongs' on ITV's News at Ten and the BBC's Panorama programme dubbed him 'Mr Woolies'.

Table of Contents

  1. The foundations of the Five and Ten ... 9
  2. A family business of friendly rivals ... 21
  3. Birth of the Threepenny and Sixpenny Stores ... 29
  4. Shockwaves of The Great War of 1914-18 ... 43
  5. Roaring Success spearheads a shopping revolution ... 55
  6. Reflection in the pond ... 67
  7. The finest hour ... 79
  8. Living in a bubble - boom times in the Fifties ... 91
  9. Times change in the Sixties ...105
  10. Wonder and Blunder ... 117
  11. A dainty dish to set before the King(fisher) ... 129
  12. That's the way the money goes ... 139
  13. The storm clouds gather ... 149
  14. Meltdown ... 165
  15. Renaissance ... 183
  16. Credits, sources and index ... 186

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'A Sixpenny Romance, celebrating a century of value at Woolworths' paperback book, front cover

'A Sixpenny Romance, celebrating a century of value at Woolworths' Book.

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